Dress-up in “Yukata”
Go out and enjoy to “Bon” Dance Festival!

Yukata set =Yukata(casual summer kimono)



・Foreigners Welcomed!
・English Speaking staff available
・A brand-new “Yukata” set, free to choose from our selections
・Cross Cultural Experience!

July 20th Friday, 2018
※canceled in case of stormy weather

◆In Brief
Dress yourself up in “Yukata”!
Goout and enjoy eating and dancing at the “Bon” dance festival!
・Choose your favorite “Yukata” from our selections.
・We will help you get dressed in “Yukata”.
※Make-up & Hair-set options with additional fee.
・English speaking attendant wil guide you to “Bon” dance festival site.
・After a quick lecture on “Bon” dancing, you are on your own.
・Go out and enjoy the special summer night experience in Japan.
・You can bring “Yukata” home as your gift.


10,000 yen(including tax)
※Fee includes “Yukata” set, dress-up service, attendant service
Optional Makeup & Hair-set service:additional 2,000 yen(including tax)
※We recommend reserving prior to event due to limited stocks of “Yukata” (”Yukata” for kids is not available)


Please gather at the venue, by either one of the time below.
1st batch 2:30pm ~
2nd batch 3:30pm ~
3rd batch 4:30pm ~
The “Bon” Dancing Festival will end at 8:30pm.
You are free to leave at any time.

<Time Line>
・Get Dressed Up in “Yukata”(about 30 minutes)

・Move to “Bon” dance festival site by train(about 5 minutes)

・Enjoy the “Bon” Dancing Festival(the festival ends at 8:30pm)

Pasar Base
Kamishinjo 2-7-1, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture,211-0045
3 minutes walk from JR Nanbu Line, Musashi Shinjo Station


Please send us your application form.

◆Payment method
We only accept bank transfer in advance or cash at the reception.




会場で出店ややぐら、 踊りのレクチャーを受けたらあとは解散して自由時間!夏のお祭りを存分に楽しみ、 自由なタイミングでお帰り下さい。着付けから会場案内まで通訳がご案内します。




★盆踊り大会到着時間  受付・着付け時間
①16:00頃       ①14:30~15:00
②17:00~18:00頃     ②15:30~16:00
③18:00~18:30頃     ③16:30~17:00


16:00~16:10 こすぎ盆踊り大会オープニング
16:10~18:00 ステージイベント
18:00~20:30 盆踊り時間

受付人数 ▶女性25名、男性10名(※子ども用浴衣の用意はありません)

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